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Implemented properly, Live Chat is a phenomenal way to increase sales

Live Web Chat for your business

Live chat isn’t about providing your customers’ with another method of communicating with you, it’s about pro-actively being there at those key moment, and failing to understand this is why when it comes to Live Chat most businesses fall at the first hurdle, unknowingly failing to meet their customers’ expectations and seeing no discernible increase in sales as a result.

Live chat is about so much more than installing a piece of software and assuming that if someone needs to speak to you, they will click and chat.

When implemented properly Live Chat is a phenomenal tool that dramatically increases sales. 

So if your current provider isn’t giving you the guidance you need to operate your chat service properly, resulting in lackluster results, then talk to us today and let us show you the difference a properly implemented Live Web Chat solution can do for your business.

Implementing a complete Live Web Chat Solution

  • Unobtrusive follow-me chat – ensuring that your Live Web Chat facility is clearly visible on key pages, whilst not obstructing any part of your website when viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop. 

  • Embracing customer recognition – it is important to know which customers have visited your site before and invest that extra time in those who are more likely to buy.

  • Proactive engagement at key moments – when implemented properly, pro-active chat is the most powerful tool at your disposal. But when implemented poorly it can drive away prospects, losing you money and damaging your credibility.

  • Chat management – not answering a chat is the only thing worse than not offering a chat service in the first place. Every chat needs to be answered, without exception.

  • Customer follow up – Live Chat is a key tool for obtaining the details of would-be customers, and having a set process for following up on enquiries is critical when it comes to converting prospects into customers.  

Join the hundreds of successful UK businesses who have moved away from bland live chat and experience for yourself what a fully managed Live Web Chat service can make to your business

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