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Webchat for financial advisors and consultancies

The financial year is over. People and organisations will be re-assessing not just their budgets, but how to manage them as well. May is the ideal time to consider making a change so now is the time to make sure that you’re top of the list when customers come calling.

Use this time to put yourself in the shop window by showing that you can meet their needs and even more importantly, make yourself accessible to potential new clients who are looking for help to meet their financial needs.

Make sure you’re marketing yourself Plan your marketing campaigns at the right time. Before the end of the financial year is a great time to put your name out there and show businesses what you can do, as this is when they are most likely to be looking to make changes. The same applies for businesses who are starting to set financial targets for the coming months and will be looking for partners who can help them achieve their targets.

Tap into key words and phrases You’re not alone with your marketing campaign, so it’s important that you stand out from your competitors and from all the noise of advertisements and offers that bombard the internet. Think about the social media platforms available to you and how you can use key words, phrases and search terms to reach the right audience. Try your best to think like your target audience, what might attract them and what might they be searching for.

"Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house.”

Mari Smith

Be accessible

As Investopedia point out, “New financial advisors should reach outside their inner circles to grow their networks and increase their referral bases. While this may be achieved via social media marketing, developing personal relationships tends to be a more effective solution.”

How Live Web Chat can help

One of the biggest challenges in any industry including the financial sector, is attracting new business and making yourself accessible to customers in a way that suits their ever-changing needs. Give your potential new customers and clients a reason to come to you rather than go to a competitor. Give them the answers to their queries quickly by offering a web chat service on your site.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to be a slave to your computer just to benefit from having the service installed on your website. We provide not just the software, but real people based right here in Brighton in the UK, to answer your chats and we’ll make sure we maximise on every enquiry whether it be a potential new client or an existing one with a query. We can deal with general enquiries, take orders, and book in appointments.

How do you do get live chat onto your website?

Adding Live Web Chat to your website is much easier than most people realise as all of the complex coding and software installation is managed from our end, meaning that we can have you up and running in 24 hours. Our webchat software is also fully customisable to match the appearance of your website. Chat icons and windows match your website which gives a seamless experience for the user and gives them confidence that they are dealing with a professional organization.

Contact us today to find out more about how Live Web Chat can help you convert website visitors into paying clients. You can find out more about what we offer on our website, or by calling us on 01273 741113.


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