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Airlines may face action over hidden fees.

Government aims to improve transparency.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s an unexpected charge for additional baggage, printing your boarding pass at the airport, or simply because even though your hand luggage is as small as everyone else’s, one of the dimensions is marginally too large and it won’t fit into that horrible metal frame. Unexpected charges are a common inconvenience at the airport but when you’re a captive audience with a flight to catch, there’s rarely much you can do but suck it up.

It's not even confined to the airport. When booking a flight or holiday online, have you ever noticed how the advertised price seems great until you start adding on all of the things you’ll actually need, like luggage…

The good news is that a public consultation is being launched to find ways of preventing firms from hitting customers with unexpected charges and hiking up prices.

The BBC reports that the consultation will start on Monday and will last for six weeks, in which time evidence and views will be gathered from both sides of the argument to understand better what needs to happen next.

“Drip pricing” is a relatively common practice and its prevalence online has grown over the years to such a point that the government is now looking to find ways of stamping it out, or at least improving transparency so that customers’ know what to expect before they commit to something.

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