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Software only

Everything you need to answer your own chats using our state of the art software


1 website 

Unlimited chats

Proactive chat facility

Mobile friendly

Basic widget customisation

60-day chat history

Joint Chats

Answer your own chats and let us answer them for you whenever you're busy or already chatting


1 website 

0 FREE minutes a month

Chats answered on your behalf - £0.60/pence per minute

Mobile friendly

Basic widget customisation

60-day chat history


Fully managed web chat service on hand to engage customers, convert sales and win new business


1 website 

60 FREE minutes per month

Chats in excess of your inclusive allowance -£0.60/pence per minute

Mobile friendly

60-day chat history


Fully managed web chat service + extra features, more minutes, logo free fully customisable widget


Up to 3 websites 

150 FREE minutes a month

Chats in excess of your inclusive allowance - £0.80/pence per minute

Advanced Q&A

Bespoke white labelled chat widget

Diary management, shipping /order tracking & assistance

ü Embedded chat box

ü Basic branding to website


ü Proactive chat


ü Out of hours messages

ü Embedded chat box

ü Basic branding to website


ü Proactive chat


ü Out of hours messages

ü Chat transcripts


ü Staffed overflow service

ü Embedded chat box

ü Basic branding to website


ü Proactive chat


ü Out of hours messages

ü Chat transcripts


ü Fully managed chat service

ü Visitor data

ü Trained & staffed Q&A

ü Embedded chat box

ü Basic branding to website


ü Proactive chat


ü Out of hours messages

ü Chat transcripts


ü Fully managed chat service

ü Visitor data

ü Advanced Q&A

ü Diary management

ü Order assistance

ü Shipping / order tracking

ü White label (remove LWC branding)


Is your live web chat team based in the UK?

Yes. Our offices are right here in Brighton and Hove, our agents are all from the local area.

How easy it to put live web chat on my website?

Very easy! We send you a piece of Java script code and all you have to do is copy it into your website coding (we’ll tell you where) and you’re ready to go. All the rest is managed from our side.

How long would it take my web developer to install live web chat on my website?

This can be done in minutes and if you or your web developer need any help, we can step in and guide you in getting it setup. We have experience with most web platforms so can usually tell you how and where the code should go.

Does live web chat appear on every webpage and/or can I select which pages it does appear on?

It’s up to you! You can either install the code only on the web pages you want or you can install it to a footer so it appears on all web pages.

Can you have it so it the live web chat prompts a discussion with someone visiting my website rather than waiting for them to ask a question?

Yes, we find that this is generally preferable since actively engaging with your website visitors is proven to significantly increase conversion rates. There are various settings we can employ to maximise this. For example, you may only want to actively engage with new visitors to your site or you may want to limit engagement with a visitor if they’ve been on the site several times recently already. Our advanced software can handle all of these scenarios.

Can I personalise the live web chat icon and windows to match my website/logo colours?

Yes, the chat icon and windows are fully customisable. You can have any icon you like in any colour or design. We can either design it all for you from scratch using our in-house designers, or you can provide us with an image file for your chat icon which we can implement onto your website, matching the chat window to it. You can have as much or as little input as you like into this process.

Can I white label the chat icon and windows?

Yes. Our bespoke chat icons come white labelled as standard.

If you take a live web chat for me, how do I receive the information and how soon is it sent to me?

Transcripts of all chats are emailed to you directly, as soon as the chat is complete.

Can I answer my own chats?

Yes, software only packages are available for just £12pm. You will get a login to our website portal and can answer your chats from there. For just an extra £2.50pm we can act as your overflow service, answering chats when you're not available or busy. Chats we have on your behalf are charged at just 50p per minute.

Do I get a record of each live web chat taken? Regardless of if I take it or you do.

Yes, you always receive a transcript of every chat, whether you have it yourself or whether we handle it on your behalf. This allows full transparency and also lets you give feedback if you’d like us to change our approach to answering certain types of query, for example.

Can all my staff sign in to live web chat at the same time to cover answering chats?

Yes. You can have more than one staff member signed in under the same login at once, or you can purchase additional licenses in order to have separate log ins for your staff, the choice is yours.

If I’m working as a one off of an evening can I simply turn the live web chat on for that period without having to amend the time settings?

Yes. If you ask us to make your chat available 24/7 then you can simply login whenever you like to answer chats. We can put safeguards in place that automatically put you on pause after a given time period of inactivity. This avoids your website visitors trying to initiate a chat with you if you’ve forgotten to log out.

Can I have the live web chats go to my staff first before you get the chance to answer them as I wouldn’t want you answering before them if they are free?

Yes, for shared chats we always route the chat to your staff first. They only come to us if you’re logged out or if you haven’t answered the chat in sufficient time (we only step in if you’re at risk of losing a prospect).

If one of your team take a live web chat for me, can I take over the chat if I become available?

Yes, our advanced software allows us to transfer the chat to you if you become available mid-chat.

Can you just capture customer data on the live web chats so that we can then contact them back rather than you trying to answer questions as my products are complex?

Yes. All customer data from chats is forwarded directly to you and you can specify key data that you want to collect. In this way, we make it easy for you to build up a list of prospects who can be contacted when the time is right for you.

Does it cost more to have live web chat on more than one website?

Yes, £12 per month per additional site

Does it cost more to have more than one person signed in to answer live web chats?

If you use the same logins, then no. If you want to have more than one login per user then they will be charged at an additional £12pm for each user.

Do I get anything for referring someone to using the live web chat service?

Yes. For every new customer that signs up to our serviceas a result of your referral you will receive a £50 amazon voucher.

What times are your staff available to answer live web chats?

Live Web Chat is available:

Mon to Fri 8:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Do you provide 24/7 cover?

No. Our opening hours have been structured around peak periods of internet usage for people who are actively looking to purchase products or services.

How much information can you provide live web chat enquiries on my website?

We can provide as much or as little information as you want. The choice is yours, all you have to do is let us know.

What information do people typically have you collect on a live web chat?

Standard information usually consists of a name, email address, phone number, company name, but our data capture fields are fully customisable and each one can either be optional or mandatory . You can have any question you want and as many or as few of them as you like.

How can you be certain that Live Web Chat will increase our sales?

Studies show that response times for an effective live web chat facility are as little as 2 minutes compared with the average response time of email which is approximately 10 hours. Returns on customers who engage with your website have been shown to be more than 4 times than those who do not; increasing revenues by 48% per chat hour as a result.

How does Live Web Chat give me an edge over the competition?

Live web chat is a rapidly growing industry due to the recognition of businesses that they need to be able to answer customer queries immediately in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. By using Live Web Chat, potential customers have someone who can walk them through queries without them needing to pick up the phone. For example, if they have a question that may make or break a sale, our team of agents are there to help right away. This helps eliminate 'bounce' away from websites and therefore reduces lost income.

How much does the service cost?

The ‘Live Web Chat’ service starts from just £12.50 for software only. For just an additional £2.50pm we can act as your overflow service if you're not available or offline. Our dedicated team are fully trained to your specific business so can help your customers in any way you wish. Our fully managed plans (we handle all of your chats for you) start at just £39pm.

Is the software included in your costs?

Yes. Our costs are all inclusive so there are no additional software costs.

Do I need to install or maintain the software?

No. There are a couple of lines of code you need to paste on your website; that’s it.

Am I tied to a long term contract?

No. The notice period is just two months from the end of the month that notice is given.

How do I get started?

There are several ways to get in contact or to find out more information about our service:

1. Speak to our team using the Live Web Chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Simply call us on 01273 741113.

3.Complete our contact form on the "contact us" page of the website.

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