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Employers face challenge to get staff into work.

A third of workers would resign if asked to return to the office.

Businesses are finding that the transition to home working that was accelerated by the pandemic is an increasingly difficult tightrope to walk in terms of offering flexibility whilst also getting the most out of their staff and the office environment.

A recent study conducted by LinkedIn has concluded that businesses need to offer more flexibility if they’re to attract the top talent in the market. However, evidence suggests that businesses are resisting this as the number of home-based roles being advertised has been steadily declining for nearly a year. This has set the workforce at odds somewhat with employers.

The Independent have also reported that recently, 44% of the workforce in the UK works from home at least once a week. This is down significantly from just three years ago when just under half of workers reported that they were home based for one day or more per week. They go on to say that the evidence in favour or against homeworking is sketchy at best and that there still doesn’t seem to be consensus on how businesses should approach the work-life balance.

There’s no doubt though, that demand for home working has never been higher and appears to be here to stay. All of the top job sites on the internet now include “work from home jobs” as a specific job filter for prospective employees to search for, which backs up the notion that it’s now extremely high on many peoples’ agenda.

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