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How Live Web Chat can increase your sales

Have you ever gone onto a website to look for information about a product, been unable to find what you’re looking for so moved onto another website? Every day, millions of potential customers do the same thing simply because they can’t get the help and support they need in those vital first few seconds. The average website visitor will move onto another website within one minute if they can’t find quick and easy assistance.

It would be great if you could always be there to answer your website visitors’ questions and to help them out, but we know that for the vast majority of businesses this is an immensely time consuming and labour-intensive job.

That’s why Live Web Chat is so popular and growing quickly. We work hard to keep visitors on your website and to offer them the help and support they need. We even engage them proactively as well. We take the time to understand your business so that we can point your website visitors in the right direction and convert them into paying customers.

Put simply, customers prefer live chat (with REAL people!) over any other contact channel and for good reason. The response is instant. Even a modern media such as email takes on average around 17 hours to get a reply by which time potential customers are usually long gone.

Just imagine then, what an impact Live Web Chat will have on your business when those missed opportunities are converted into sales.

Speak to us today to find out more!


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