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Instant answers. And much more…

Who wants to ask a question only to wait days for an emailed response for something they need an answer on right away? Here at Live Web Chat, we train our staff so that they can answer your website visitors’ questions there and then. Not just that though, we can even handle elements of your back office so that our staff can action things within your business.

Need someone to book an appointment or assist with ordering? Need us to track an order or provide technical details about a product, no problem. Our team are here to help and with our Pro package we can even filter chats which require no action from you, meaning that you can relax with the confidence that you will only be contacted if it’s something important or that we cannot help with.

Our “knowledge database” can also be updated at any time so if you think of something further you want us to cover we can add that too. Helping your customers, even when you’re not there!


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