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Should I use a web chat answering service?

You must have noticed the growing trend for having live chat embedded on a website. It seems now that more websites have it that don’t. But is it right for all business websites and more importantly, is it right for you? Here, we cover just a couple of persuasive arguments for signing up to a webchat service so you can judge for yourself.

Response times.

Social media - 9 hours

Email - 17 hours

Live chat - 2 minutes

If your business relies on a reputation for excellent and prompt customer service (and let’s face it, which business doesn’t) then your ability to respond quickly to enquiries is vital to maintaining that reputation. Customer enquiries via email or social media usually work on a “next day” basis, meaning that often, by the time a potential customer has had a response to their enquiry, they’ve already moved on or found the answer with a competitor. Live chat is instant, meaning that any potential leads are kept.


Companies will often pay vast sums of money to capture customer data in various ways. One of the main benefits of Live chat, which is often overlooked by prospective users, is that not only does it offer instant support, but it can capture visitor data in a subtle and unintrusive way. With our software, the type of data that you capture can also be modified, meaning that you really can obtain useful visitor data in real time which can be used instantly or later. Our software is fully GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured without having to worry about falling foul of the latest data protection regulations.


Hiring someone is an expensive process which also carries some risk in terms of finding the right people with the right skills. Not just that but manning a live chat service all day every day is a labour-intensive task which many small and medium sized businesses can ill afford, particularly in the current climate. Using a web chat answering services far more cost effective since you only ever pay for your usage. Our packages start from just £25pm and are completely risk free, since we offer a 21-day FREE trial to boot.


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