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Simple choices

If you’re looking for a web chat provider who can offer flexibility but can also support your business as it changes and grows over time, then look no further! Here at Live Web Chat we offer several packages which can be modified or upgraded as your needs change. So let’s take a look at them;

Software only

You get everything you need to answer your own chats using our state of the art software. We will assign you a login via our website and off you go! You can start engaging with your website visitors right away. Our advanced software will notify you of incoming chats and will capture visitor information at the same time.

Joint chats

You can still answer your own chats but when you’re not available or offline, they will automatically be forwarded to our team of dedicated, trained agents to answer on your behalf. You can even set us as an overflow service if you’re already chatting.

Standard service

We answer all your chats on your behalf as if we’re part of your business. Our staff are fully trained to understand your business and products. You even get 60 free chat minutes per month (that’s time that we spend chatting with your website visitors on your behalf).

Premium service

On top of answering chats for you, we offer advanced Q&A’s, order assistance and tracking, diary management and much more. You get 150 FREE chat minutes per month and the service comes white labelled as standard.

View our pricing page for more details;


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