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The TikTok row explained. And why it matters to you…

TikTok has been banned on government devices in both the U.S and the European Union, and tighter controls are coming.

As the BBC has recently reported, it’s difficult for many social media users to understand, let alone care why the use of TikTok is such an issue of concern for their governments. The are now limitless apps you can download and use for free and many of them are hugely appealing, as they cater for the needs of a generation which has grown up consuming their media in a different way than ever before.

One of the problems with a globally connected world is that it means that data can be gathered from all manner of sources, and we all assume this data is always being carefully controlled and managed. We have rules in place such as GDPR to ensure that businesses can’t abuse that data or pass it onto someone who might. However, what happens when that business is operating from the other side of the world? Moreover, what do you do when those businesses are collecting data in countries which are likely to use it against you?

For example, by Chinese law all companies have to comply with and supply information requested by the intelligence services. It doesn’t take a huge leap to understand the potential ramifications of such rules. The state essentially has access to all information gathered by Chinese businesses such as TikTok and can use that data for any means it sees fit, such as potentially influencing elections or targeting western interests.

Here at Live Web Chat we provide useful data to our customers every day via our secure servers. Our software and processes are fully GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured that your data and the data you collect from your website visitors and potential customers will be handled with the utmost care and in line with European and U.S law.

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