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Into web design? 
We offer web designers partnerships that not only give them a USP versus the competition, but also brings in additional revenue for them as well.
Webchat sevice
There is absolutely no cost to you, we make our money from providing our webchat service and pay you a percentage every month as a thank you for bringing in customers.
software provided
Staffed webchat
trained staff
Design agncies
Our professionally trained staff man your clients webchat service, answering questions and capturing prospects. Just about any customer query can be addressed and remedied in an instant and it's effortless for the customer.

We send you a piece of code which you add to your client website. It installs a chat icon which is manned by our team here in Brighton. We can also customise your chat icons by updating colours, logos and fields.

We offer not just the software, but also the answering service which means that we are perfectly geared up to support small and medium sized businesses who don't have the resources to develop and maintain their own websites or answer chats all day.
UK British based


Easy iplementation

We are a 100% UK based business. All of our agents are based right here in Brighton and the surrounding area.

You receive 10% per month for every contract we hold with each of your customers and 100% for the first month as a thank you.

Why Live Web Chat? We offer a FREE 21 day trial, so you can put our service to the test before you roll it out to your trusted clients.

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