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Choosing a web chat provider

Choosing a manned web chat provider is a daunting task, you’re putting your business in someone else’s hands after all. That’s why it’s important to find a provider who understands your requirements and will put you first. Here are some things to consider;

Ask about team size.

Smaller teams mean you are more likely to have a dedicated member who can answer on behalf of your business.

Ask about the software.

Our software, like our website, is designed to be user friendly but highly advanced under the hood. What this means is that whilst the end user has a simple and seamless experience, advanced functions enable us to always be one step ahead. Just a few examples such as filtering to dedicated account handlers, customer location data and even the local weather enable us to provide a first-class service and ensure you have all the data you need on your customers.

Proactive chat.

We also offer a proactive chat service. We can automatically engage with visitors to your website and offer assistance, vastly improving their user experience and enhancing the chances of a successful outcome for you.

Personalised service.

We have in house designers who can brand your Live Web Chat to your businesses website. We also research your business and build up our knowledge base using dedicated agents in order to be able to give you the best and most personal service possible.

At Live Web Chat, we are unique in the market in that we provide a completely tailored web chat facility for our customers which ranges from bespoke branded chat software designed to match your website, to the depth of knowledge that we develop about your business in order to answer queries and help your customers effectively.


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