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Flexibility for small and medium businesses

Here at Live Web Chat we understand that businesses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why our basic package, which starts at £39 per month can be modified to add additional pro functions or services. This gives you the flexibility to tailor our service to your needs. For example, for just an additional £15 per month you can add proactive chats, meaning that our team will actively engage visitors to your site without them even having to ask a question!

Alternatively, you might want your chat bubble and windows white labelled or branded and coloured to your business or website. Again, this is no problem, our in-house designers can brand the entire system to your website, ranging from bespoke colours right down to the shape and style of your chat icon and windows.

Allowing you to choose what is important to YOUR business is what makes our bolt on options so popular to small and medium businesses. Why not see for yourself?


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