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Flexible working?

What does the new bill mean for your business?

The government has introduced the flexible workers bill this week, with the aim of giving millions of workers more flexibility over where and when they work. In the digital age, with so many tools now available for remote working it makes sense to challenge business to look at different ways to accommodate workers. There are various good reasons to do this - reducing traffic at peak hours is just one example that can lead to an overall benefit to both businesses and employees.

But what is in the bill and what does it mean for businesses, particularly those smaller businesses who may not have the resources that other larger companies have at their disposal?

Firstly, it’s probably useful to understand what the definition of “flexible working” is. In this case, the government have deliberately kept the definition somewhat ambiguous in order to cover a wide range of conditions, but it can mean anything from flexitime to home working.

Well, the biggest change is that workers will now have the right from day one, to request flexible working conditions. As a result, employers will be required to discuss and consider this request and if rejected, they will need to provide a reason for doing so.

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