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Flying taxi’s coming to the UK.

No, it’s not April 1st yet... The first piloted taxi could realistically arrive and operate in the UK within two years.


It’s been a pipe dream for as long as most of us can remember. There’s been talk and speculation about flying cars for decades but until now, the technology has simply never been there to make it a realistic prospect. Now, with the advent of drones and huge advancements in battery technology, it seems we now finally have the technical know-how to make it happen.

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As Sky news reports, the government has set out its plan for the “Future of Flight” and goes as far as proposing unmanned flying taxi’s as early as 2030. The Department for transport goes on to say that its plan for flying vehicles, which was “once confined to the realm of sci-fi” would boost the economy by £45bn in just 6 years’ time. That’s quite a bold statement, but it does give some insight into how confident they are in the scale of impact it will have.


This level of growth will be realised with a slew of other platforms, from delivery to emergency service drones. Smaller airports will operate as “vertiports” for electric aircraft and BVLOS technology will allow drones to fly without impeding each other or other aircraft, ensuring that the sector can grow without compromising the safety of existing sectors.


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