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How can I offer webchat on my website without having to sit and answer chats all day?

Almost every small business nowadays has a website. Some of them are fully functioning ecommerce platforms where you can order products and services online. Others are simply an online presence that showcases their portfolio and allows potential customers to get in contact with them. What they all share though, is the ever increasing need to keep up with the competition in what they offer online. One way to get an advantage is to offer live chat on your website. Not only does it give you an excellent way of assisting potential buyers and of getting their details, but it also gives your website visitors confidence that they’re dealing with a highly professional and competent organization that can offer great customer service when required.

In this age of online reviews, its essential to be able to give your customers the support they need easily and efficiently. But how can you be available to answer your customers and website visitors all day long when you’ve so many other things to do? There are numerous websites with polished looking chat functions and “chatbots” which but when put to the test many of them fail, either because they’re not manned and ready to answer at a moments notice, or because the automated chatbot can’t actually answer the customer’s often complex needs.

Here at Live Web Chat we can take all the hassle away from you and be on hand at a moments notice to reliably and effectively answer every query that comes in via your website, providing customer assistance in minutes. And the best bit? It’s available for as little as £25 per month. Speak to us today for your FREE one-month trial and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!


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