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How to get more customers? Get web chat!

If you’re running a business then you’ll know that nowadays it’s essential to have an online presence, a trend that’s been accelerated over the last year. Times have been hard for a lot of businesses recently, but it seems that there is a silver lining on the horizon and many are starting to change their focus from “survival mode” to increasing sales.

Sadly on average only 2% of visitors to your website will convert to paying customers... while the other 98% leave because of confusion, uncertainty or lack of assistance.

Web chat works by engaging visitors to your website and offering assistance where needed and the most advanced web chat can even proactively start a chat with a website visitor. It’s the online equivalent of asking a customer in a shop if they’d like some help (our advanced software uses complex technology to decide when to engage a visitor and can even recognize returning visitors, so as not to harass them).

Combine the award-winning software with a fully trained team of agents at your disposal to answer chats on your behalf, whenever you need them, and you have a winning formula to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

Generate more leads and close sales faster, with Live Web Chat. Why not try it today with our 21 day FREE TRIAL?


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