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Is a webchat answering service expensive?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

When we talk about web chat, we mean that little chat icon that’s often placed in the bottom corner of a web page which allows you to “magically” connect to a real person and get help or ask a question. It’s transformed the way businesses operate online and has brought them closer to their target audiences. Uptake of web chat over the last year has been huge and that’s all thanks to how accessible the software is and how easily it can be implemented into an existing website (it’s as simple as pasting a line of code into your web site).

However, the biggest challenge facing small and medium sized business that want to offer web chat, is the constant need to be on hand at a moment’s notice to respond to queries and questions that come in as a result. That’s where a web chat answering service comes in…

A web chat answering service provides you with not just the software, but the agents to answer chats as well, fully trained in your specific business requirements and on hand to answer incoming chats to your website at the click of a button.

One question all businesses want to know though, is how much does all this cost, can I afford it and is it worth it?

Our plans start from as little as £25pm and you get a FREE 21-day trial thrown in, so you can try out the service and experience it for yourself without having to pay a penny. Not just that, but should you choose to sign up there’s no long-term contract. If you’re not happy you can cancel easily and stress free.

All our agents are based right here in Brighton in the UK. We’re so confident in our service that we even send you a transcript of every chat that’s taken place on your behalf. You always have full transparency, and you can provide feedback at any time if there’s anything you’re not happy with or would like us to change.

It’s cheaper than you think, so what’s stopping you?


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