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Live chat for Estate Agents

We all know that if you want to buy or rent a house, the first place to start is online. Whether it’s to enquire about property details, arrange viewings or valuations, it’s clear that the first

port of call for most people is via your website. However, managing chats yourself can be a labour intensive task which requires an agent to be on hand constantly at the drop of a hat. That’s where Live Web Chat can help and is why it’s such a successful platform for Estate Agents. Not only do you have a direct way of communicating instantly with your clients, but you have a dedicated team available on your behalf. They can even arrange appointments for you.

The digital challenge

Live Web Chat helps Estate Agents progress into the digital marketplace, providing an advantage in communications over the competition. Modern customers demand convenience above all, and Live Web Chat achieves this in a simple way, helping Estate Agents win instructions and potentially reducing the amount of face to face interaction required to seal a deal. This is turn frees up more time to concentrate on other parts of the business.


Our webchat software is also fully customisable to the appearance of your website. Chat icons and windows match your website which gives a seamless experience for the user.

Capturing and converting leads

Our software also enables you to capture website visitor data, which can be used for marketing and follow up purposes.

You can find out more about what we offer on our website, or by calling us on 01273 741113.


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