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People are important

We all know how frustrating it is when you’re making an important call, only to get through to an automated system that can’t help you with what you’re looking for. As online chat continues to grow, the same issues are arising for website visitors. Often you will be caught in a never-ending loop of scripted questions that ultimately don’t give the customer the answers they’re trying to find. That’s why at Live Web Chat we use real, trained professional agents to answer chats on your behalf.

All our agents are based right here in the UK and undergo regular training which is specific to your needs. They’re well positioned to understand your customers and help them out, whether that be product enquiries, checkout assistance or simply giving them the confidence that you’re a reputable business that can offer support. Not just that, but for your piece of mind we also send a transcript of every chat we have on your behalf. You have complete control over how we interact with your website visitors and customers without the hassle of having to spend your valuable time and money on doing it yourself.

Why not contact us today to sign up for your free trial?


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