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Spookily well designed

Our chat software is not just designed to be functional. We work to complement your website design and layout, enhancing the overall appearance of your online presence. Personalising your installation creates an ultra-professional, seamless experience for the user which gives them confidence that they are dealing with a professional organisation.

Our in-house designers can design your chat icon for you, or you can design it yourself and send us the file. Any colours, fonts and sizes are possible and we can match your web colours precisely for a seamless visual experience which appears as though our software is actually a part of your website. In addition to creating bespoke chat icons, our in-house designers can design your chat boxes to match seamlessly to your website. We can match web colours, change fonts and create bespoke sizes too, so our software really is tailored to fit. Our bespoke packages come white labelled as standard so they only carry your company branding.


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