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UK expected to avoid recession.

IMF upgrades forecast for struggling economy

The IMF has just announced that it now expects the UK economy to avoid falling into recession in 2023 and will instead grow by approximately 0.4%. This is a marked increase from the previous month when their prediction was notably worse, with a contraction of 0.3% on the cards.

The BBC reports that the longer-term forecast predicts sluggish growth over the next few years and the government will need to do all it can in order to address the issue of record numbers of people not working, many for health and post-covid related issues. This, along with the rising cost of wages is proving to be a challenge for businesses across the country. Effectively, the availability of skilled labour is relatively low due to long term absence, whilst the cost of employing staff has risen significantly in recent months.

All of these factors mean that businesses are finding it harder to get value for money in the labour market and even when they do, they are still finding their costs rising.

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