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We’re here to help

We know it’s not easy to communicate with your potential customers at the moment. We’ve seen the demand for web chat increase significantly over the past year as the move to online products and services has accelerated due to the current climate.

Here at Live Web Chat, we’re well positioned to help you get set up and start talking to your website visitors in a matter of hours. We can even take on the burden of answering website queries on your behalf, whilst you concentrate on developing other aspects of your business. We have a friendly and professional team of customer service agents waiting to handle your chats either when you’re not available or we can do it full time, it’s up to you!

We’re based right here in the UK just outside Brighton, so you can rest assured that your website visitors will be speaking to someone who speaks their language and understands their needs.

Offering great customer service is one of the most valuable advantages you can have over your competitors. Incorporating Live Web Chat onto your website is a powerful tool that reassures your customers, it demonstrates that you are present and approachable and able to respond to enquiries and complaints quickly. Don’t underestimate the importance of providing a good customer experience, even on your website. Avoid hiding behind the anonymity of e-commerce, with Live Web Chat your business can still be personable and your customers will thank you for it.

Contact us today to find out more.


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