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What are the benefits of a web chat answering service for charities?

Live chat is an incredibly powerful tool which offers many charities a new way of communicating with people that either need help or want to make donations. It also provides another way of keeping in touch with partner organizations.

A lot of charities do not have the scale of infrastructure to effectively man such systems though, and this is where Live Web Chat can help. We install the software onto the website and take chats on behalf of the charity, utilising our agents who are fully trained in their specific requirements.

Our chat software is extremely powerful and secure, giving peace of mind that confidential data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Here we take a look at some of the key benefits that charities can expect when using Live Web Chat.

Utilising the preferred method of communication for members of the public.

For most people, live chat is now the preferred means of communication over email or telephone. This used to be true of younger age groups, but we’ve seen that trend expand across all ages. The reason is that it’s simple and efficient. When making a phone call it becomes your dominant activity and when sending an email, you don’t normally expect an instant response. Members of the public prefer webchat because they can get responses instantly and it also allows them to multitask. They can post a question and while they wait for a response, they can continue about their business.

Making donations easier.

Having live chat on your website enables potential donors to ask questions and because they are in contact with real people, gives them the confidence that they are not just dealing with a faceless organization, but a charity that really cares about its mission. This of course, increases the chances that they will make a valuable donation.

Taking multiple chats at the same time.

Our software allows multiple agents to answer chats at the same time so you never need to worry about “dropping” a chat as you can rest assured that we have the technology and capacity to meet fluctuations in demand.

No staff to pay and long-term contracts.

We understand how organizations such as charities are often squeezed for money and resources. With Live Web Chat, you don’t need to worry about committing to expensive overheads or staffing. It’s also our policy not to tie you into a long-term contract. If you are not happy with the service then you can cancel any time.

Providing assistance to those who need help (and seeing the proof).

Many charities’ core function is to provide support directly to members of the public. Live Chat offers a powerful platform with which to do this. Not just that though, the charity is sent a transcript of every chat that’s had on their behalf so that they can monitor performance and also request changes to the way chats are answered if they need. In this way, charities can provide ongoing support for a fraction of the cost that they might otherwise incur via other platforms.

If you’d like to find out more about how our service can help your charity achieve it’s key objectives, then why not contact us or try out our FREE trial…


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