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What are the benefits of a web chat answering service for small businesses?

Web chat is a great way for small businesses to communicate with website visitors and potential customers. Its increasing popularity has been driven by advances in technology, driving down costs, which make it a realistic option for even the smallest of companies with an online presence.

So, what are the benefits and why are so many small businesses in particular signing up for a managed service which answers chats on their behalf?

No staff required.

Hiring staff can be an expensive process. Once hired, you must consider the costs of salaries, pensions, holidays, and benefits to name just a few. Outsourcing takes away all the negative aspects of employing your own agents.

Trained agents on hand, all day long (and they’re REAL people).

Having web chat on your website is great but manning it all day every day can be a pain since you need to be on hand constantly at the drop of a hat. That’s one of the key reasons small businesses install web chat onto their sites, only to remove it again later. A chat answering service takes away the hassle of having to answer chats and be available all day long, leaving you to concentrate on developing your business.

Cheap and simple.

Installing web chat onto your website has never been so easy or cost effective. With prices starting at just £25pm combined with a 21-day free trial, Live Web Chat is a low cost, low risk option. Most businesses who sign up are also surprised at how easy it is to install and implement into their website – We send you a short line of JavaScript code to install onto your website (with full instructions) and that’s it. This code installs the chat icon onto your site and links it directly to our powerful software so that our agents can start taking chats immediately.

A reputation for excellent customer service.

Relationships are everything. If your business can build an excellent reputation for supporting potential and existing customers, then attracting more business becomes infinitely easier. There is no better way than to provide assistance via chat on your website. Customers like it because it means they can still multitask without having to drop everything to get the answers they’re looking for. Whether it be technical support, checkout assistance, product information or simple customer service, people are far more likely to trust a business that not only has web chat on their site but answers them in their “language”. Here at Live Web Chat, all our agents are from the local area, just outside Brighton and they are fully trained in your business needs.

Why not give it a try, with our 21-day FREE trial.


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