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What are the benefits of a web chat answering services for large businesses?

Web chat is now a hugely popular medium for communicating with your website visitors and potential customers. Whether that’s to help them navigate your website or to improve your customer service and ultimately, sales. It’s clear that the popularity is driven by a desire to achieve excellent customer service.

However, answering chats requires staff to be waiting in front of a computer all day, readily available at the drop of a hat. That’s why so many businesses employ a chat answering service.

So, what are the benefits of using such a service for larger businesses? Here, we take a look at some key points;

World class software.

Our software is class leading, providing almost unlimited customisation and it’s regularly updated, meaning that you will never be left behind the competition or have to pay to update your systems later down the line. We can also implement integrations into your existing business systems, such as CRM systems for example, meaning that you have instant access to the latest data at the touch of a button.

Data collection and leads.

Our software is an excellent way of obtaining additional website visitor data and providing you with contacts which can immediately be followed up if required. You can specifiy any type of data to be collected, starting from something as simple as an email address, all the way to complex forms.

Fully trained, professional agents.

We use REAL people to answer chats on your behalf. Our agents are from the local area in Brighton and are fully trained in your specific business needs They’re dedicated to supporting your website visitors within seconds of them engaging.

No fixed overheads or long-term contracts.

Employing and retaining staff can be a long and expensive process, particularly for those businesses who don’t already have a dedicated call centre or customer service hub. Here at Live Web Chat, we don’t believe in long term contracts. If the service is good enough then you will have the confidence to continue.

Why not give it a try, with our 21-day FREE trial.


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