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What’s the best web chat service?

When looking for a webchat service it’s important to know what to look for. But if web chat’s new to you, how do you tell what’s an important factor in choosing your software or provider.

Customer support

When choosing a supplier, make sure that they have the resources to offer solutions to your problems if and when they come up. Here at Live Web Chat we have a dedicated customer support team who can assist you immediately. You can even contact us on out web chat facility on our website.


It’s vital to move with the times. Our software is regularly updated with new fixes, features and optimizations. Don’t get stuck with a “single shot” package which leaves you lagging behind the competition.

The service

It’s great having some fancy software that you can utilize in order to speak with visitors to your website, but wouldn’t it be even better if someone else could do it for you, ensuring that you don’t need to be chained to your desk all day in order to do it? We provide not just the software but also the staff.

Real people

Ever heard of chat bots? We have. They’re basically a Q&A decision tree which is great for answering standard questions. But if a customer wanted to find simple answers on your web site they could find that via a searchable Q&A section, which would be far more useful. We use real people to answer every single chat. Our agents are based right here in the UK just outside Brighton, so you can rest assured that every one of your web site visitors will be speaking to a real human who understands their needs.


Sometimes it’s good to be proactive. If someone’s been browsing your site for a while, chances are they might need some help, right? Our software is designed to engage your web site visitors at just the right time, to maximise your site engagement and increase sales. If you’re worried about bugging customers then don’t, our advanced software can recognize how many times someone has been on your site and how many times we’ve contacted them, so they will never feel harassed.


We’ve seen some perfectly reasonable, functioning web chat facilities on various websites and it’s an ever-growing trend. However, we’ve also seen plenty of web chat icons and windows that seem to “not quite fit” visually with the website they’re installed on. There’s a reason for this. A lot of providers only offer a standard “out of the box” package that at best may offer only some very basic customisation. Here at Live Web Chat, we can guarantee that we can match your chat icons and windows perfectly to your website. Nobody would ever know that they weren’t already fully integrated. Don’t underestimate how important this can be, if any part of your website doesn’t look quite right, visitors are likely to have less confidence in what you’re doing.

Why not contact us today to arrange your 21 day FREE trial, and we can show you what we mean!


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