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Who uses a webchat answering service?

By now, most people are familiar with what webchat is. In simple terms, it’s a button that is available on a website whereby visitors can click and instantly connect to someone at the other end who can help them navigate their website, provide support or product information and ultimately, make a purchase.

In short, if you have a website and are providing a product or service, the chances are that your competitors are already offering webchat on their websites. That’s because they understand the need for customer support across different platforms and they see the direct impact that webchat can have in improving sales and their reputation for customer service.

However, manning a webchat service all day every day can be costly, demanding and can also take up precious time that companies could be spending focussing on their core business. Only the very largest organizations can afford to hire their own teams and have the resources to supply the technology required to provide webchat on their websites.

Thanks to modern technology it’s now easy for any business to outsource not just the software, but also the staff. Here at Live Web Chat we answer chats on your behalf, helping website visitors and customers navigate their way through your products and services, providing timely assistance when needed.

Installing our software is much easier than most new customers realise, we simply send you a single line of Javascipt code to paste into your website and it links the site directly to our chat answering service located just outside Brighton. All our agents are trained in your specific business so can help customers with a wide range of queries and we send you a transcript of every single chat for piece of mind. There really is no better time to sign up for a FREE 21 DAY TRIAL. Why not contact us today to find out more?


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