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Why do I need a live chat answering service?

If you use the internet then the chances are that at some point, you’ve engaged in a live chat. Live chats are essentially like a messaging app that’s linked to your website and allows visitors to engage with you, either for assistance or to find out more about your company. The aim of course, is to convert those visitors into paying customers. If you have business with an online presence, then in today’s world, live chat is essential to keep up with the competition, but what about a service that can do it for you without you having to be available to answer incoming queries all day long.

Here we cover our top 5 reasons that you need a live chat answering service.

  • Capturing leads.

Web chat is not just a way to conveniently help your website visitors find what they’re looking for, it’s much more than that. When combined with even the briefest of pre chat forms (even just a single text field), it can act as a powerful data capture tool which you can use to follow up on leads and, ultimately, make sales.

  • Providing excellent customer service.

Being there to help your customers when they need you is part and parcel of running any business. Live chat provides a new and fresh platform to communicate with website visitors, making it easier than ever to give them the help they need. Combine that with a team of dedicated and trained agents and you can do all of this without having to lift a finger yourself.

  • Increasing sales.

Studies have shown that on average, only 2% of visitors to your website will convert to paying customers... while the other 98% leave because of confusion, uncertainty or lack of assistance. Having live chat on your website increases sales, not just by being there to answer questions, but with our “smart” software, we can actively engage visitors to your site by asking them simple questions or offering help. Our software uses complex technology to define how and when a visitor should be engaged, so it’s targeted without being intrusive meaning even happier customers and increased sales.

  • Transcripts.

If you’ve ever considered outsourcing web chat, you’ve probably wondered how you can be sure that your website visitors are getting the help they need and that your chats are being handled effectively. With Live Web Chat, you are sent a full transcript of every single chat that’s been handled on your behalf. If you’d like to change the way your chats are dealt with, then all you have to do is contact us and we’ll implement your requested changes via our internal processes. Our agents will receive training on the requested changes, and you can rest assured that your changes are being implemented straight away.

  • A professional and trustworthy reputation.

Ever visited a website and something just doesn’t quite feel right? Maybe they don’t have an email address or phone number to contact, or maybe it’s all handled through an online form which once submitted, disappears into the ether never to be seen again? If your online presence isn’t up to scratch, then it can severely impact a potential customers’ trust in your business. Having web chat on your site let’s your visitors know that you’re an accessible, reputable organisation that’s there when needed.

Why not try our service by signing up to our 21-day FREE trial today?


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