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Young adults want to work for themselves.

Updated: Jan 8

A recent study conducted by Instagram has found that Generation Z believe that working for yourself is the way to go. And they would know, the social media platform understands its main demographic very well.

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But what does this mean? Is it an indication that young adults don’t trust the traditional system of employment. Are they right, or are the younger generation being unrealistic in their expectations? It’s certainly true that not everyone can work for themselves, otherwise big businesses, which can work on very large projects which require massive funding and investment couldn’t exist. In fact, they’re essential for us to have some of the most important products in our lives.


If you’ve acquired a very specific skillset which is in high demand, it makes sense that you might want to contract your work out to more than one prospective employer. But working for yourself or being an entrepreneur requires a much broader set of skills, which must often be learned through experience. In short, It’s not easy.


However, this is precisely what many Gen Z’ers believe is the way forward. Whether those expectations can be met is an open question as many of those surveyed are not yet in employment. However, the study does indicate a shift in mentality versus previous generations.


One thing is for sure though, it looks like the youngsters of today are not short of ambition and for the budding entrepreneur there is now more small business support and resources than ever before.


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