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Branding is Key

Here at Live Web Chat, we understand the need to ensure that your business needs to be branded in the right way so that it reflects your companies’ values and professionalism. Your website is no different, that’s why we offer several levels of customisation of our chat software to make it as seamless as possible on your website.

Our free, off the shelf options include five different chat bubble colours and thirty different colour schemes for you chat windows, meaning that small businesses on a budget can still find something that fits with their website.

Further options include a bespoke design for your chat bubble in any colour scheme you wish and we can even match your website colours exactly if required, for a seamless professional appearance. You can even send us the image you want to use for your chat bubble or we can design it for you, the choice is yours!

Our final option is that we can apply bespoke colours and fonts to your chat windows, again matching your website colour scheme exactly and using fonts which are complimentary to your website design.

For more information, call us on 01273 741 113 or email us at


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