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How can I get more customers via my website?

Looking to get more customers via your website? Here are some simple but incredibly powerful tips to help you get more website visitors and to convert more of those visitors into paying customers;

1. Know your selling point

Think about what can you do to solve your customer’s problems and shout about it! Explain why they should choose you instead of your competitors. Keep your website simple, don’t overwhelm your audience with options and make sure that the value of your products or services are emphasised on your homepage.

2. Get reviewed

Build trust with your customers and show your website visitors that you've built a good reputation. Testimonials are worth their weight in gold. If website visitors can see other people saying positive things about your business then they’re far more likely to sign up. Ask existing customers if they’ll leave you a review or if they can say something nice about your company and put it on your website.

3. Install webchat on your site

Nowadays with advent of online shopping and e-commerce, face to face contact with customers is limited and, in some cases, non-existent. Customers are far more likely to trust a website that is being manned by real people and will have confidence that any issues or questions they may have will be dealt with quickly and effectively. Our webchat software is highly advanced our staff are trained in your specific business, so we can answer all manner of queries on your behalf without you having to lift a finger.

4. Update your website

Make sure you keep on top of your website. Check it regularly to make sure that your content is up to date, relevant and that there are no broken links. If your website visitors can see that your site’s being updated regularly then they know that your business is dynamic and that you can support them when needed.

5. Build a blog

Blogs are a great way to build interest and to keep your customers informed with what your business is doing, but they also appear in searches. If you publish a regular blog that’s relevant to what your customers are looking for, then it will improve your websites SEO, meaning that more customers will find you online.


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