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Weather hits spending

Sales of summer clothes hit hardest

Sky news are reporting that for the month of July, retail spending in the clothing sector took a big hit due to the poor weather. All categories of clothing contracted in what is normally a busy month for retailers. The reduction in footfall in stores appears to have been particularly affected by the poor weather as consumers opted to stay home rather than venture out into the rain. If it wasn’t for online, it is highly likely that this contraction would have been much larger.

The government is working to halve inflation by the end of this year in a bid to improve growth and recent signs have shown that their strategy may finally be starting to have an effect, something which families will be relieved to see, albeit later than most would have hoped.

In more positive news, the IMF had already upgraded their forecast for the UK’s growth over the next few years and predicts that it will outperform France, Germany and Italy. Regardless of whether their forecast is accurate, which remains to be seen, it does confirm that the markets are reacting positively to the governments’ plans, which can only be a good thing.

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