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Web Designer? Want extra Income?

Calling all web designers! Did you know that here at Live Web Chat, we offer web designers partnerships that allow them to offer a USP versus the competition and generate extra income for them in the process?

There are plenty of apps on the market which can easily be installed onto a users’ website so that they can answer chats themselves. The problem with this is just that – They have to be on hand 24/7 themselves to answer those chats. In reality, many small and medium sized businesses don’t have the resources to man their chat facilities properly. We solve this by offering not just the software, but also the chat answering service. By partnering with Live Web Chat, you can offer this add on service as part of your package, meaning that you can provide something others can’t. Not just that though, we pay you for doing so.

It’s a no brainer since not only are you bringing in additional revenue, but you’re also adding to your list of services that you can provide to your customers, giving you a real and tangible advantage of the competition since you can offer a complete service.

We’ve been servicing customers from our offices based in Brighton for over ten years, so you can also rest assured that your reputation is in good hands when it comes to providing your clients with the services they need.

Visit our website to find out more.


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