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What’s the point of a web chat service?

Web chat is fast becoming the first choice for businesses with an online presence that want to find a simple but effective solution for increasing their customer and website visitor engagement. But when all is said and done, what’s the point of online chat and what can if offer your business? The answers might surprise you…

Convert more website visitors into paying customers

The first and most obvious benefit to having webchat on your website is that you will naturally convert more of your website visitors into paying customers, simply because someone is on hand to help them, be that with ordering, product information or to guide them around your site. The simple reassurance that your customer service is always on hand to respond at a moments notice also gives potential customers the confidence to use your services.

Capture data on leads that can be followed up

A less well know and understood benefit from having live chat on your website is the ability to capture visitor and customer data. Whether that’s to learn more about what your visitors are searching for or to learn more about your visitors themselves. The benefits to capturing visitor contact details via a simple form before they initiate a chat are clear and they give you the option of following up leads after the event.

Improve your reputation for customer service

We all know that getting good reviews online are essential to attracting new business. Live chat gives you a powerful tool with which to enhance your customer service, giving website visitors and customers and easy way of getting immediate answers to their queries.

Promote a professional image

Having a staffed web chat facility will let your website visitors know that they’re dealing with a professional and competent organization that can meet their sometimes complex, requirements. It gives reassurance that they can easily get the answers they need, when they need them.


The only downside of having a web chat facility is that answering customers’ requirements all day can be exhausting and time consuming. Our web chat facility offers you not just the software, but also the staff. Our agents are based right here in the UK and are fully trained about your business and processes. Our prices start from just £25pm. With a full 21 DAY FREE TRIAL and no long-term contracts, you have nothing to lose! Why not contact us today to find out more.


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