Makes us pretend to be you
Makes us pretend to be you

Proactive chat

Professional package

from £126pm

including 300 free minutes

Economy package

from £39pm

including 80 free minutes

Our agents will manage your diary e.g book appointments on google calendar for you
Conversations with are held in real time ensuring the customer always gets an immediate response
Easy to install, the webchat box can be embedded into any website

Embedded chat box

White label

Proactive chat

Out of hours messages

Advanced visitor chat data

Visitor contact information

Standard Q&A

Chat transcripts

Realtime engagement

Advanced Q&A

Filtered transcripts

Immediately after a chat, the chat transcript will be emailed to the customer
Our agents will answer basic questions about your company. Examples such as giving office directions etc
Advanced information such as how the customer entered your site, previous visits, location are captured
Outside of business hours our chat bubble will still take messages from the customer along with contact details
We will actively engage new or returning visitors to your website
LWC branding is removed so it appears that the software is embedded into your site
Our agent will filter all communications sending only the important ones requiring immediate action
Our agents will answer complex questions that will require more in depth training about your business
Contact details from all chats are taken, enabling you to build a database of potential clients

Shipping / order tracking

Our agents will assist visitors with the ordering process or even place orders on your customers behalf
Our agents will access your back office systems to chase/track orders

Order assistance

Diary management

from £12pm

answer your own chats

Or for just an additional £2.50pm we can act as your overflow service, answering chats when you're not available or busy. CLICK HERE for more information.

Software only